Juanita Christians

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My name is Juanita Christians; I am 38 years old and live in Kuils River, Cape Town.

I have always been passionate about People; and through my life’s journey I have come to realize I could do something really meaningful with this passion. Hence, I have chosen a road less traveled and became a Practicing Life Coach.

My Coaching profile developed in the corporate arena. As a People-Manager for more than twelve years, Coaching has always been an integral part of my day-to-day life. The more effective I became as a manager, I realized my success depended largely on the quality of my Coaching. When I realized this, I underwent rigorous People-Training as well as Life-Power Training, in order to equip myself with the skills to Coach People on every level. My education in this area is still and will always be on-going.

To be a successful Coach, I needed to start with myself. By applying my Coaching skills to my Weight-Loss challenge, I have lost 39 kilograms thus far. Coaching in itself is a process and I still have some way to go. But my growth has allowed me to embrace every moment of this journey.

Authenticity is Key.  I speak openly of my challenges because I need to be relatable to my Clients. To be effective as your Life Coach, it is important for you to know I am imperfect.

This Road called Life is a Rocky One. Join me, as we walk this road together…

For more information visit www.jclifecoch.co.za