The Gift of Now…

I am not sure if it’s the way we’re wired as human beings. Or perhaps it’s conditioning, being constantly caught-up in the scramble of life, work, kids. But we cant seem to get a handle on the gift of Now.

Living in the moment, is not a clichè fashioned around a whim, impulsive sentiment or a once-off experience. It is a meaningful, deeply resounding state of consciousness. Being present in the moment is priceless. Seriously, try it!

Right now, I am consciously enjoying writing this article. Right now, I am choosing to share meaningful parts of my journey, my discoveries with you and become better for it. This moment is affording me a glorious opportunity to bask in the glow of the present; and I am profoundly grateful for it. Once this moment has passed, it’s in the past. No matter how many articles I sit down to write in future – this moment right here, will be gone.

Often we spend so much time looking forward to something, but absolutely fail to enjoy it nearly as much when it arrives. Shakespeare said: To travel expectantly, is better than to arrive; so I guess even back then the actual experience was often devalued by the build-up to it… As I said, we really dont have a handle on enjoying the moment!

But nothing points out the value of Now to us more clearly than loss. It gives us perspective on the moments and people we’ve loved, but did not show. People who contributed to our lives enormously but did not know.

When the devastation of loss strikes us, hindsight shows us some gut-wrenching truths about how delicate life really is. In an instant the balance of our scales could be tipped and our lives could change forever. And if you are reading this, and have had your scales tipped recently; in time there will be new normal and you will breathe again.

Let’s not waste any more Nows… Call your wife tell her how much you love her! Tell your son how proud you are of the man he’s becoming. Let your parents know how much you appreciate them. Let your husband know that you love him more today than on your wedding day.

And more than anything, give yourself the right to enjoy every moment with love and appreciation, because every moment you spend with You, is a beautiful gift of Life…

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