The Gender-Specifics of falling inlove… Life-Coaching Blog

When I conducted this survey initially, I posed the question to my audience”Is romantic love gender-specific?”And many answered instinctively, ‘No it’s Not. It’s about the spiritual connection. The intellect. The values,’ and a host of very socially correct opinions.

But when we explored these just a little deeper with a follow-up question: ‘have you ever been in love with someone who possesses all the characteristics your soul desires, but the person was of an unconventional or same sex?’ I say unconventional, because it related to my gay audience, as same-sex would not apply.

The answer to this question was somewhat less forthcoming.29304-Retro-Summer

Theoretically, we all want to live an authentic life. What we often dont realize is how many challenges accompany the Authentic Life. It is exceptionally bold and brave of anyone defying the norm to follow their heart. It is a mammoth step in an unknown direction when you fall in love with someone undefined by your or society’s expectations.

If falling in love is the uniting of two hearts and two souls, do not for one moment feel as though the heart and soul you desire needs to conform to a gender. What does the soul know of such a distinction? Nothing! Love is all about the balance two people bring to each other.And sometimes, just sometimes, the heart sees what the eyes cannot…








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