The most important relationship you will ever have…


As a family and relationship coach, I see daily just how challenging relationships are and the stressful reality it creates for many people. Often we have great difficulty relating effectively to those around us. Relationships with a spouse, kids, colleagues even close friends have been known to causes so much distress, and in today’s reality can lead to bouts of depression, general vulnerability even physical disorders.

So let’s be honest and hopefully this article presents you with a break-through of some sort. The reality is, the extent of the disconnect in our relationships is directly determined by the gaping hole in our own souls. Our sense of self, pretty much determines how much of a relationship-terrorist we actually are.

Until our sense of self is ratified within our own person, no one outside of us will ever live up to our own inadequacies or degraded sense of worth. You are the begin all and end all. Let no one convince you this is a selfish concept.Every living being acts, feels and reasons from a perspective of Self. All you need is to be bold about it and balance it with your innate sense of humanity.

You are enough. You are by far the most important person in your life. For some this is a notion which does not yet resonate, and thats ok. Maybe you are wounded and fail to see yourself for all that you are. But remember, wounds are one of life’s greatest stumbling-blocks and we are inclined to give it so much power. ‘A wound is our soul’s way of saying there’s more work to be done. So do your homework…’